Queens Democratic Party Suit

Everly D. Brown, an African-American Democrat running in the September 12th Primary for Queens Borough President, will be holding a press conference in front of Congressman Joseph Crowley’s office at 82-11 37th Avenue, Flushing, NY 11372. The press conference will begin promptly at 10 am, Tuesday, August 29, 2017.

Mr. Brown has been unceremoniously thrown off the ballot by the Queens Democratic Party, headed by Congressman Crowley. “This is clearly an act of bigotry,” said Mr. Brown. “Queens Borough is the most ethnically diverse place on Earth, yet Crowley wants no competition to his hand-picked incumbent, Melinda Katz. Why is Crowley afraid? He doesn’t want another African-American to blow the whistle on the fact placing homeless shelters in minority neighborhoods.”  Mr. Brown is suing to get on the ballot after his petitions were thrown out on what he claims are discriminatory reasons.

“People are unaware of the machinations as to exactly WHY these shelters are always placed in minority sections of Queens,” said Mr. Brown. “On Tuesday, I will expose to the world what’s really going on at my press conference. It’s time everyone knew why Crowley and Katz fear my candidacy.  Community leaders, pastors, and candidates for other offices (including Mayoral candidate Sal Albanese and Public Advocate candidate David Eisenbach) will be in attendance.

For further information call: 917-496-4432 or 718-864-5891


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